Poem: Daughter Beneath

This poem comes with an EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING. Trust your instincts from the title alone and DON’T read the poem if you think the warning may apply to you. For anyone “testing the water” with the first stanza, I can assure you that things escalate from there on. You have been warned. This 590-word poem […]

Poem: The Frog Garden

Along with the poems Black Horizon, Do You Remember Those Words?, Hollow, and You Don’t Know I’m Leaving, this poem was written in May 2015. The significance of the frogs is personal and is the last psychological scar of that time which I still feel slightly, but which, I’m sure, will eventually fade to nothing. […]

Poem: The Darkest Tower

The Darkest Tower Small things creep, unsettling dust as they crawl along threads on this web of the lost. A captive, I listen, shackled and bound in desolate despair, silently praying I’ll soon be found, bitten and stung and finally devoured, freed from the pain of my darkest hour. Skeletons embrace here in tragic repose, […]

Strictly limited-time sale price: The Blighted City

“Fans of Joe Abercrombie and George R.R. Martin will find a lot to love here, as will anyone who enjoys character-driven fantasy.” – Review by Josh Mauthe at the Library Police Podcast To celebrate going on vacation tomorrow for a blissful four weeks in my favourite country, Canada, I’m sharing the love by making The […]

Sketches: My Animals

The first of these two sketches is of the seven dogs which lived at my family home from 1992 to now. The black cocker spaniel in the background turned aggressive when there was only her and the black and white cocker left, so the black had to be rehomed where she would live with no […]

Poem: Paragon Of Pointless Poetry

Paragon Of Pointless Poetry I’m fully aware with these first words as I prepare to pen this tasteless trash, that, just like a waterfall of turds, this poem will close with a calamitous crash. While pointlessly penning each new component of this clearly nonsensical mountain of sludge, collected in verse with no hope of atonement, […]