A Thank-You To Readers In Advance

While my betas are working hard at reading my debut epic fantasy novel, the first full-length entry into The Fractured Tapestry series, I’d like to extend a small thank-you to those of you who have been waiting for the release and those of you who are considering climbing aboard. The Blighted City is no longer […]

Do You Know Now?

Do you know now, little girl? Did you spend a million moments trying to figure it all out? Do you understand why we’re here, where all of this came from? Did you reach the answers on your own or did someone give them to you? The destination, they say, is less relevant than the journey. […]

The Eldritch Key

Wandering through the city at night, surrounded by fucked human shite Can’t take no more, I draw the blade, step out from the evening shade Knife thrusts deep, blood spills fast, guts uncoil, rib-cage cracks Unborn babe falls from the womb Foetal sac becomes the tomb Vitality flows from them to me as I step […]

The Price

I dreamt I was a Muslim I’d been one all my days Moreover, I was a woman, my beauty cloaked beneath a veil Dominated and servile, I stayed inside the house, leaving only when bidden by Husband mine – the alpha male With face free from the hijab I cooked and cleaned and prayed, a […]

The Cleanser

They call me meek, a quiet fellow, friendly type; that may be so, but I have heard the truth of light My Lord whispers to me at night: Kill for me, take someone’s life… with your brand new butcher’s knife! The wife and kids’re away till four Outside I see the girl next door She’s […]


Dead things reign in this kingdom divided, its real name remembered and whispered by few; the children of those who stood strong, defiant, died for a country, a cause misconstrued, a past without purpose, a land unattended, gathered in apathy by the ragged milieu. Cold steel bites through threadbare denim, scraping scuffed leather on flaking […]

How Will I Go?

Will my heart fail suddenly with no real warning, lacking such decorum as a by-your-leave, or will my demise creep with casual mocking, as brain and frail body are gnawed by thieves? Perhaps a knife blade thrust by a loved one will serve as my curtain call, or a blunt, heavy object cast without heed […]