It Squashed Between My Fingers

It squashed between my fingers.
I didn’t mean to do it;
I only wanted a look,
a touch, a connection.
But it burst as I stroked it;
gently, I thought.
You can imagine my surprise
when it popped like a blister.
I swear I heard it gasp,
a tiny scream stifled against my skin.

It wasn’t meant to go down this way;
it was supposed to be
an appreciation of nature,
of something wild,
a creature so fair,
dancing across a stage
in languid perfection.

But it was too gentle,
its beauty concealing an essence
much less appealing;
a sticky mess that punctuated
such a brief story
of two attractors,
destined for the destruction
of one, leaving the other
standing, staring down
at his open hand,
at the result, so unfortunate,
of his meddling with a creature
he should have left well alone.

I saw a being of utmost love,
of graceful truth;
a caring heart that beat so strong,
and yet so soft when opened.
I didn’t want to harm it,
only to absorb its tenderness,
to learn, to mimic.
But my touch was all wrong,
my love too awkward,
and it squashed between my fingers.


© 2015 Scott Kaelen
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