Dead things reign in this kingdom divided, its real name remembered and whispered by few; the children of those who stood strong, defiant, died for a country, a cause misconstrued, a past without purpose, a land unattended, gathered in apathy by the ragged milieu. Cold steel bites through threadbare denim, scraping scuffed leather on flaking […]

How Will I Go?

Will my heart fail suddenly with no real warning, lacking such decorum as a by-your-leave, or will my demise creep with casual mocking, as brain and frail body are gnawed by thieves? Perhaps a knife blade thrust by a loved one will serve as my curtain call, or a blunt, heavy object cast without heed […]

When My Bones

When my bones join the dust of this world’s countless billions, when my name is forgotten and my story stashed deep, when the memory of me dies with those I encountered and the sun swells to nova, will the universe weep? © 2015 Scott Kaelen Featured in DeadVerse: Poetry Volume One

Could Have Been

There could have been a song for you, whoever, wherever you are; a memory shared, long forgotten, its absence ever-present. Days spent wondering where you went, if you were ever really there. A time when love with your illusion promised to last forever. Marking time, pretending love would return from some secret place. But it […]


Resigned, the pendulum paints a black rainbow, condemned by celestial winds to ensconce the persistence of thieves.         © 2015 Scott Kaelen Featured in DeadVerse: Poetry Volume One

Gods Of Extinction

A hundred thousand years ago gigantopithecus died out, but if they’d hung around they’d know there’s nothing here to shout about. Extincted species have no redemption, being nought but fossils of curious appeal. Biased faith systems cry their exemption, since the big guys’ bones lie beneath our heels. Are secrets buried deep in our past, […]


Do you know who I am? Can you find my face in the conclave of your memories? Do you recall our promise those centuries ago, how we would meet at the end of your world? Well, that end is here, and so am I, but one of us has fallen and shrunken in the sunlight. […]

A Thank-You To Readers In Advance

While my betas are working hard at reading my debut epic fantasy novel, the first full-length entry into The Fractured Tapestry series, I’d like to extend a small thank-you to those of you who have been waiting for the release and those of you who are considering climbing aboard. The Blighted City is no longer […]


To the child, each season is an age full of magic To the youth, each year is a teacher so harsh To the adult, each decade steals life with such cruelty To the ancient, one lifetime is a season’s brief spark © 2015 Scott Kaelen


Reach from the loamy mud and wrap this beast in your embrace, for atonement he desires Let your grasp invite him into your home, your sunken place, and condemn this fallen liar Hold him to your ragged breast as he joins you in your earthly cleft, and quell his breath with ire He will guard […]

Quietly Gone

Trembling fingers rattle teacup, cascading waves to porcelain isle, crashing upon the softening boulders, an unfettered gasp, a lamenting smile. Deluge devours crumbling moons orbiting ocean’s cracked façades. Tired world leaks sweetened tears of buried sun’s unchosen cards. Fly wrings hands over mildewed crumbs while siblings gather on fine regale. Fleeting life suckles sweet decay […]


A world of murky water, teeming life, bristling phantoms, snatches of movement; alert, reactive, antennae twitch; a glimpse, a rush of spikes, mud unsettled, obscured in gloom. Survived, move on, find a small, soft morsel; twitch, lunge, devoured, scurry away, searching… There! Sanctuary; scramble inside, curl up safe within spiny armour, and rest. Stone quakes, […]


A tattered soul wanders through the hushed town at night, drags her heart round her ankles, keeping far from the light. Forgotten between fingers, an empty bottle hangs loose. The wind gusts, it slips free from a nail-bitten noose. Her steps trace a spray of tears with forsaken slow beats, to the black hill in […]

Searchlights Of Ethereal Airships

A spill of light trickles down through canopies of clouds, searching beams circle along sweeping shores, directed by the masters of heights long-forgotten by those who remained, abandoned, their feet in the sands of this unnamed world, left to rot in favour of distant suns promising a better future, a tomorrow of shining toys and […]

When Your Eyes Close

When your eyes close for the last time, when your heart beats its last retort, when your lungs inhale no more air, and when your brain thinks its final thought, this is when the universe comes truly to an end, this is when reality has no more cards to send. What happens next is not […]

Eyes In Moonlight Drown

With your face framed in a halo of stars, your hair melts into trailing clouds, and your eyes in moonlight drown. A man could lose himself in those freckled irises, reflecting the galaxies above; surely he could fall into their promise of eternity, of Heaven, of love. Your lips glisten, part, and beckon, a smile […]

Life In A Round Room

Screaming babe, shamefully born from precious deceit and frictional heat, where lies abound and vices meet In a round room he’s altered, torn. Hopeful youth searches the sky; concentric questions, soaring high. A beckoning haven through temporal persuasion, leaves a broken room vacant. Chestnut hair, alluring eyes. Gentle motion does arise. Sighing breath, bursting lungs. […]

The Wrong Side

The wrong side of the station. The dark side of the sun. The far side of the mountain. The B-side of your song. The cold side of the doorway. The inside of the cell. The west side of your story. The blind side of my hell. Once side by side we journeyed as friends through […]