The Wrong Side

The wrong side of the station.
The dark side of the sun.
The far side of the mountain.
The B-side of your song.
The cold side of the doorway.
The inside of the cell.
The west side of your story.
The blind side of my hell.

Once side by side we journeyed
as friends through life and land,
until you took a side between us
when none was in demand.

Years later at your bedside,
I sit beside a flame
that once did burn so wildly,
now fragile, dying, and tame.

Will you greet me at the station
if I arrive too late?
Will you use your key
to rescue me,
and free me from your hate?
Will we end this tale together
on the bright side of the moon,
and will we find a love forever
on the flip side of this tune?

But now our story’s ending,
so, if I might be allowed:
if not too remiss,
let this goodbye kiss
be placed upon your brow.


© 2015 Scott Kaelen
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