When Your Eyes Close

When your eyes close for the last time,
when your heart beats its last retort,
when your lungs inhale no more air,
and when your brain thinks its final thought,
this is when the universe
comes truly to an end,
this is when reality
has no more cards to send.

What happens next is not your concern,
the rest of forever is written without you.
There is no afterlife, no Heaven
in the sky, nor a Hell down below;
no Abyss, no Paradise,
no Purgatory or Limbo,
no harem with a multitude of virgins,
no answers in the Great Beyond.
There are no eternal hunting grounds,
no arenas where glorious battles
are destined to repeat
and repeat
and repeat

When your eyes close for the last time,
let your dying breath whisper goodbye.
I will be beside you, your hand in mine,
our cheeks pressed together, wet
with mingled tears as you gently fade away.
But who will be there when I breathe my last breath?
Will I be alone, or will someone embrace me,
cry as they guide me into nothingness?

© 2015 Scott Kaelen
Featured in DeadVerse: Poetry Volume One

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