Quietly Gone

Trembling fingers rattle teacup,
cascading waves to porcelain isle,
crashing upon the softening boulders,
an unfettered gasp, a lamenting smile.

Deluge devours crumbling moons
orbiting ocean’s cracked façades.
Tired world leaks sweetened tears
of buried sun’s unchosen cards.

Fly wrings hands over mildewed crumbs
while siblings gather on fine regale.
Fleeting life suckles sweet decay
of mother cloaked beneath teeming veil.

Blemished web of twigs at rest,
laid beside unfinished scrap.
Forsaken lips left unsustained;
rictus stretched ‘cross dentured gap.

Tenant gone, serene departed,
lacking drama, seen by none,
returned to mud and dust and starlight;
a life unravelled,
a purpose undone.


© 2015 Scott Kaelen
Featured in DeadVerse: Poetry Volume One

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