Could Have Been

There could have been a song for you,
whoever, wherever you are;
a memory shared, long forgotten,
its absence ever-present.

Days spent wondering where you went,
if you were ever really there.
A time when love with your illusion
promised to last forever.

Marking time, pretending love
would return from some secret place.
But it never did, for it wasn’t there;
you never left my dreams.

It’s said there’s a love for everyone,
but each encounter draws us away,
takes us further from that truth,
from the love we might have known.

The differences between us
is too fundamental, too extreme
for those who lost or never knew
exactly who they were.

In that other life, way back then,
we wrote the first verse and wrote it again,
for we didn’t know how beautiful
the rest of the song could have been.

We gave it up, each wasted life
we might have lived; we threw it away,
dying again and again, saying goodnight
to ghosts, every night
in our dreams.




© 2015 Scott Kaelen
Featured in DeadVerse: Poetry Volume One

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