The Eldritch Key

Wandering through the city at night,
surrounded by fucked human shite
Can’t take no more, I draw the blade,
step out from the evening shade

Knife thrusts deep, blood spills fast,
guts uncoil, rib-cage cracks
Unborn babe falls from the womb
Foetal sac becomes the tomb
Vitality flows from them to me
as I step toward immortality…

Sirens cut me short of time
Bullet penetrates my spine
Fall to the floor, delirium grows
“He’s dead,” they say, but they don’t know

I wake up in the mortuary
They tried to take my life from me
It didn’t work, ’cause still I lurk
The night is mine forever

Pile the bodies in the pit
Set the spark. The torch is lit
For them I couldn’t give a shit
Dead flesh burns. They were not fit

Pestilent human flies in swarm
Existence needs complete reform
Extinction is the penalty
Dominion? A wasteland, all for me

They live in fear. They can’t pretend
Mankind has reached its fitting end
Tonight I tread the killing path
Humans, all, shall feel my wrath

I am my Master in our lair
We are humanity’s nightmare
Together, as the Eldritch Key,
we turn the screws eternally

© 2015 Scott Kaelen
Featured in DeadVerse: Poetry Volume One

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