Do You Know Now?

Do you know now, little girl?
Did you spend a million moments
trying to figure it all out?
Do you understand why we’re here,
where all of this came from?
Did you reach the answers on your own
or did someone give them to you?

The destination, they say,
is less relevant than the journey.
What say you? If you died tomorrow,
would your pitiful years of flesh
out-weight a soul’s eternity?
Are you brave enough to say
that this life is your only one?

Do you see now, how life’s puzzle
has a piece for each star in the sky?
Is your search for self more relevant now?
Will you cast aside the ties that bind,
and embrace the painful truth?
It’s almost too much to bear, I know,
yet carry it you must, for it’s yours alone.

We are not immortal in this universe
of dust – so desperately empty,
so beautiful, harmonious, mindless –
but our brief sparks are here and real.
For a time, together, we are an eternity,
fleeting and finite, yet no less magic.

Turn your back on the prison you knew
Embrace your fear; embrace it
with me as, hand in hand,
we turn and step into blackness,
crying as we enter the void.



© 2015 Scott Kaelen
Featured in DeadVerse: Poetry Volume One

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