Island In The Sands (a short story)

Island In The Sands follows on from the flash vignette Stranger And The Shadow. This short story, as with the flash story Falling, is based on a dream I had when I was a young boy (I’ve always had very strange dreams). If you’ve read my notes on the previous instalments of these ‘Forever Stranger’ […]

Falling (a flash story)

This flash story is written in the first-person perspective, through the eyes of Caiaphas Dace, the Forever Stranger, recalling a moment in his very early childhood. I’ll admit that the ‘dream’ sequence and some of the family details mentioned are from my own childhood. Falling is what the shadow in Reflections In Paradise compels Caiaphas […]

Black Horizon

Fans of Edgar Allan Poe might feel a little reminiscence with this small poem. This is the first of my poems shared here which doesn’t feature in my first (and, to date, only) volume of poetry. Here’s Black Horizon. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂   I imagine that this is how it must feel […]

Essay: Christ’s Birth Exposed

Every year, on December 25th, some 2.5 billion Christians and a disturbingly large number of non-theists (of which there are currently around one billion on the planet) celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Saviour of Humanity, et cetera, so on and so forth. What they don’t know is that history has got it very […]


A little girl enters her darkening playroom and kneels before her doll-house. She idly peers into fragile chambers, their impersonal walls unblazoned. In her hand she grips a lifeless form made of stuffing and paisley plush. Green marble peeks through a plastic crack, while its twin stares sightless and blank. Her mind is crammed with […]

The Claustrophobic God

Do you remember when the world was huge and Man much smaller, when you were accorded credit for all Creation? Those days are far behind you now, and men stand tall, defiantly gazing up between your messengers so sacred. Do you tremble at what is seen by Man beyond your chosen children, now objects deserving […]