Black Horizon

Fans of Edgar Allan Poe might feel a little reminiscence with this small poem. This is the first of my poems shared here which doesn’t feature in my first (and, to date, only) volume of poetry. Here’s Black Horizon. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂


I imagine that this is how it must feel
to be stuck on the edge of a celestial wheel,
frozen in time to those who might glance,
with me looking out at their growing romance,
hopelessly witnessing lives moving onward
and knowing I once was a verse of that songbird
in an earlier life when I comprised half a candle,
a gleaming existence proved too bright to handle,
until gravity grasped me and heartlessly cast me
like a fly captured true on a pendant of glue,
to be snared with absurdity for time-squared eternity
on a point high above the black horizon of love.

© 2017 Scott Kaelen

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