Heaven’s Key (Demon Hunter Book One) by Electa Graham

This is Heaven’s Key, book one of Electa Graham‘s contemporary paranormal fantasy series, Demon Hunter.

I was lucky enough to be the cover designer for this amazing novel, featuring the gorgeous Valentina Kallias (photographer and model) as the main character, Jael Allen.

You can find Heaven’s Key on Amazon here. I do, of course, highly recommend it along with its sequel, The Devil You Know.

An absolute page-turner – 5☆ Amazon Review (by Scott Kaelen)

Heaven’s Key, an urban paranormal fantasy with a hard edge, introduces us to the character of Jael. Broken by her past, Jael’s present is filled with alcohol, attitude, meaningless sex, and destroying demons, all of which are things she is very good at, especially the latter. Into her life is thrust Cole, a younger man from a wealthy family with his own turbulent but luck-filled past.

Forced into a partnership by a mutual and extremely influential friend, the two must come to terms with what it means to have a partner in the line of demon hunting, and, just as things are going from bad to worse, onto the stage steps Cain, the son of Lucifer, with nefarious plans of his own that are all to do with Jael.

Perhaps it’s just the sort of person I am, but while reading Heaven’s Key I found it impossible not to like Jael. In fact, with each unfolding chapter, I loved her more and more. The book is an absolute page-turner filled with intrigue, hidden agendas, tension, and an atmosphere that rollercoasts through the emotions, rattling through disturbingly claustrophobic and plunging into sizzling hot rawness as Jael faces both physical and psychological battles not just on Earth, but also in Hell itself.

After reading Heaven’s Key, I am not only glad of the experience but absolutely looking forward to the second book in the Demon Hunter series. Don’t wait for the follow-up to come out; if you’re a fan of the genre (and even if you’re not) do yourself a favour and give this one a read. You’ll be glad that you did.

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