I, Architect

This is one of my favourite poems. I wrote it in 2016. It was born from my interest in palaeontology and also my contempt for organised religion. Let me know what you think in the comments!

I, Architect

I was the Primer, the Converger Aeternum,
I was here before the celestial birth.
I am the Gatherer, the Greatest Attractor,
Collector of Castaways, and Builder of Earth.

I was the Forming, the Cryptaean Soul,
the Kiln at the First Ocean’s Heart.
And I was the Lung of the Inferno,
the Breath that stirred Hadaea apart.

I was the Cooling, the Calming Flame,
the Laval Lakes of Archaea.
And I was the Shield, the Glacial Eye
of the freezing crust of Proterrae.

Then I, Phanaea, the New World’s Dawn,
gathered Vaalbarae and kissed it to life.
I reside in this world and in all other places,
I twist the screw, the hook and the knife.

I am the Retainer of Playgrounds,
in each congregation of future and past.
I am Star-Builder, the Puller of Strings,
the Master of Puppets leading the dance.

I am the Canary, the Pick and the Miner.
I tend the crush, the sparse and the void.
I, Architect, am the Cosmic Designer.
I am the Founder, the Creator of Toys.

I divided Pangaea and Panthalassa,
then I made my first mistake.
I tore at the crust until Gondovanaea,
but by then it was way too late.

I was the Mind that created this Earth,
I am the One to Blame.
It all went quite soundly until that first day,
when the uprights gave me a name.

© 2016, 2018 Scott Kaelen
Featured in Life, The Universe & Free Thinking

One thought on “I, Architect

  1. It reads as the pure masculine passion and rage of an omnipotent being whose single minded goal was interrupted by what he deems to be a lessor being. In some respect it sees the errors of creation as that lessor being fault. Rather than acknowledge that it was his creation of the lesser being that was wrong. In that sense it is godly with all its godly flaws. Loved it

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