The Devil You Know (Demon Hunter Book Two) by Electa Graham

Following on from creating the cover for Heaven’s Key, the first Demon Hunter novel by Electa Graham, it was my privilege to also create the cover for its sequel, The Devil You Know. Particularly close to my heart was the setting for this second novel in the series – the medieval rural town of Richmond, North Yorkshire, the first (and therefore the oldest) Richmond in the world – as it is my home town and the haunting ground of my childhood.  If you’re a fan of paranormal romance or paranormal fantasy and you’re looking for a dose of the genre aimed at adults, I can highly recommend reading the Demon Hunter series. All entries in the series deserve more Amazon reviews, so please consider this if you give them a read. We self-published authors rely heavily on our readers sharing our work; the best way to do this is to review what you’ve read, and it makes our day when we find a new positive review on Amazon, Goodreads or elsewhere.


I can’t mention PNR and Electa Graham without also mentioning her other series, Cassandra Myles; if you haven’t read it yet, you can start with the prequel novelette When Love Casts A Shadow, which is free on Amazon, and for which I also had the pleasure of creating the cover.


My 5☆ review of The Devil You Know:

The Devil You Know, the sequel to Electa Graham’s first Demon Hunter novel, Heaven’s Key, is not only every bit as good as its predecessor, it’s even better. With new locales, strange and creepy characters, Medieval history, ancient ruins and ghostly occurences, the hunters Jael and Cole are back and in search of the missing pages of none other than the Codex Gigas itself. Cain, the son of Lucifer also makes a return, and somehow it’s difficult not to like and somewhat empathise with such a chaotic and damned character. Electa Graham is on top form with the second novel of the Demon Hunter series. The central characters are a joy to revisit. If you liked Heaven’s Key, you’ll be missing out if you don’t read The Devil You Know. If you haven’t yet read Heaven’s Key, then you should do that first, and NOW.


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