Poem: The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room Here I sit in the long pause between one life and the next. The room is pitch but for the washed-out light of the monitor before me. Rain lashes the window, whipped into a frenzy by the crafty gods of Christmas, juxtaposing the tears that flow freely down my cheeks. This was, […]

Global Human Population Rise

World Population Rise (From 1 Million to 10 Billion) UPDATE: Since the time in which this article was originally published (2016, Life, The Universe & Free Thinking), the human global population has surpassed the forecast in rise. Now, in mid-2018, the population has reached almost 7.7 billion, a figure originally forecast for 2021. It is […]

SPFBO Entry Interview: Scott Kaelen “The Blighted City”

via SPFBO Entry Interview: Scott Kaelen “The Blighted City” This is me being interviewed about my dark epic fantasy novel, The Blighted City, by fellow author and fellow SPFBO 2018 entrant, Michael Baker. He’ll be interviewing various other authors taking part in the contest, so please follow his blog if you’re following SPFBO, are a […]