Short Story: The Hyperverse Accord

The Forever Stranger, born a seemingly normal human baby named Caiaphas Dace, is an entity whose continued existence defies the very laws of space-time. The short story The Hyperverse Accord documents a meeting at the end of the universe, between Dace, now evolved to a non-corporeal existence, and a mysterious entity calling itself the Observer. […]

Short Story: Bleak ’93

Callum Fisher’s life with his parents has been a survival from one bleak year to the next, and it needs to change. A particular day in 1993 seems just like any other day in Callum’s miserable life, but soon he will discover that the biggest of changes takes only a moment of bravery. Bleak ’93 […]

Poem: Between These Walls

Between these walls the days stretch silent; no staccato of laughter as you land in my embrace, no crystal tears trailing into the crook of your smile. There are moments beneath the barrage in the obsidian hours when I hear a ghostly whisper before descending into dreams, pursued by phantasms of you. You may be […]