Poem: In A Kimono Of Stars, She Glistens

In A Kimono Of Stars, She Glistens

I took a walk, a long walk in the wilderness,
to get away, so very far from it all.
Home was a word, just a synonym for bitterness;
not a touch, nor a glow, neither feeling nor warmth.
I left disillusion behind, as it made no sense to stay.
Better to seek out life’s idea, and to find my rightful place.

After many years walking, I chanced upon a stream
and followed it to a moon-drenched pool.
There, before me, a vision of bronze and cream;
spectres painted in solitude upon a dew-moist body.
Spellbound, I froze as she dipped fingertips as petals,
and over her skin poured silver rainbows.

Her eyes as windows, sapphires of fae mist,
captured and reflected a host of angels.
Then she saw me, and from that moment
she seemed a goddess, her divinity a living nightscape.
From the water she stepped, wary yet graceful,
and from her shoulders to her feet trickled stars,
as a kimono shrugged free to reveal nature’s finery.

She glided toward me, and my heart pounded
as she lifted a finger as if in warning
to not get too close, though it was she who moved,
not I, and with the same rising finger
she pointed above into the firmament.
Transfixed, I met her gaze and her eyes
flashed obsidian with a pixie’s teasing smile.
Though I had not spoken, it was an answer,
and was all I needed to know.

The distance between us closed,
my skin prickled as if sensing a storm,
though the heavens gleamed unveiled.
Two waylanders from distant reaches,
at a chance crossing of paths,
though her home was surely much further
from this lonely pool than was the place
I had consigned to the smallest pits of memory.

Her face hovered before mine, so close,
and the angels in her eyes darkened,
blinking out one by one, yet
the depths within remained endless.
The surge of her proximity traced my nerves
and a faint whisper of breath tickled
my lips as a lullaby sang from within her,
soft as the breeze, digging deep
into every fibre of my senses.

Her lips brushed mine, and I floated
between galaxies, weightless, breathless,
crushed, free, liberated from life.
All at once I exploded yet was whole
and the years of wandering winked
into oblivion from their forgotten corner.

Completeness enveloped me, the dance
of the cosmos, the waltz of the stars.
And there she was, beside me, within me,
all around in the darkness and light.
We were one and more, my mortal ribbon
shredded without regret, for this woman,
this creature, had given me in a moment
all I had ever desired, had given me wings
to return to the stars I always knew
were my one, true, endless home.

Copyright © 2018 Scott Kaelen
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