Poem: You Don’t Know I’m Leaving

I wrote this poem in the beginning of May 2015, shortly after enjoying Filou’s company for what was almost the last time. You might consider some parts of the poem to be a bit sappy, but this was at the back end of a long four weeks that might have been the toughest time of my life so far.

You Don’t Know I’m Leaving

How many times will I tell you goodbye
as your amber eyes stare up at mine?
I wonder, as I stroke your fur,
how it came to this … and you start to purr.

With a lump in my throat, I try to suppress
the tears that still fall for this terrible mess,
but no one’s to blame, and still I must leave,
yet cats can not cry, and nor will you grieve.

I’ll always miss how you talk of your day,
reciting your tales in your own special way;
adventures that I could not comprehend,
just as you cannot know that this is the end.

You can’t understand that I’ll soon be gone,
that there’ll be no chest to lie upon.
You couldn’t know; you’re just a pet.
So I swear, for us both, I’ll never forget.

For years you were my little furry companion;
although just a creature, you were almost a son.
And now, though you grasp neither truth nor lie,
I must leave you, so let me just say…

Photo taken March 2013

Copyright © 2018 Scott Kaelen
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