Sketch: Jalis Falconet 2 (The Blighted City)

This is the second sketch I did of my character Jalis Falconet from the Fractured Tapestry series. You can see the first sketch here. This one is almost identical to the first, but this time with Jalis facing towards us. I would place both sketches chronologically just before the start of the “Under A Pale Moon” chapter in The Blighted City. For those who have read the novel, if you imagine beyond the trees behind Jalis, and up a rise to the top of Graegaredh Knot, you would find Jalis’s friends, Oriken and Dagra, in their camp in the clearing at the top of the hillock. At Jalis’s feet is the bank to the stream known locally as Minnow’s Beck, in which she is about to wash after undressing. Oriken is probably peeking down at her through the trees right now, while Dagra is busy snoring.


If you haven’t checked out The Blighted City yet, you can view it on Amazon here, on Goodreads here,  on all other publishing platforms here, or elsewhere on my website here.

The Blighted City

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