Poem: I Am The Fire

I Am The Fire

I am the fire, the glow in your eyes,
an illusion of outlandish lust,
a stranger before you with silken sighs,
a whisper of flames as I’m tasting your trust.

I am the fire that smoulders your heart,
the nexus of all you desire,
this hollow-toothed incubus cleaves you apart
with the sanctified chorus of the crimson-tongued choir.

I am the fire besieging your dreams,
setting your passions aflame,
rending your rapture and sipping your screams
as your swollen urge ruptures and you pour out your pain.

I am the fire engulfing this world,
consuming each succulent soul,
the eruption of petals, the black storm unfurled,
a shadow engorging, absorbing it all.

Copyright © Scott Kaelen
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