Poem: A Nymph At Midnight

A Nymph At Midnight

A soft sound rouses me from sleep
and my heart trips with a secret smile.
I turn to see your silhouette melt
into the room, your bare feet silent.
The moon licks vermilion trails,
casting your curves in a fae light.
A fire flashes in your eyes;
a playful nymph drifting,
so slow, to where I lie in wait.
A fingertip to parted lips,
your mouth a shadowed oval
promising a trove of treasures.
I reach for you with a charged spark,
and our bodies become an oil painting
in a midnight summer shower;
a vortex of burning passion,
tongues of flames, limbs as waves
ebbing, flowing, merging
to a tidal wall that cascades
down upon our pasture. We lie, entwined,
seared and soaked, and the lazy
ballad of your breath
whispers me to sleep.

Copyright © 2018 Scott Kaelen
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