Poem: Paragon Of Pointless Poetry

Paragon Of Pointless Poetry

I’m fully aware with these first words
as I prepare to pen this tasteless trash,
that, just like a waterfall of turds,
this poem will close with a calamitous crash.

While pointlessly penning each new component
of this clearly nonsensical mountain of sludge,
collected in verse with no hope of atonement,
I can quite understand why you might hold a grudge.

There isn’t a single redeeming feature,
except perhaps an element of rhyme.
I can only hope you forgive this foul creature
for completely and utterly wasting your time.

It might have been wise to bring an umbrella,
to shield yourself from this shower of vomit.
Just count yourself lucky it’s not a novella,
hurtling to Earth like a brown-tailed comet.

Copyright © 2018 Scott Kaelen
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