Poem: In The Twilight Before Tomorrow

In the Twilight Before Tomorrow When I hear you whisper your visions, promising a million vivid memories in a finally-unfettered future, I feel a completeness, a release as of the dawn peering between mountains, while behind us the gulls cry their morning songs of freedom. I don’t remember ever saying hello, but I know I […]

Poem: Daughter Beneath

This poem comes with an EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING. Trust your instincts from the title alone and DON’T read the poem if you think the warning may apply to you. For anyone “testing the water” with the first stanza, I can assure you that things escalate from there on. You have been warned. This 590-word poem […]

Poem: The Frog Garden

Along with the poems Black Horizon, Do You Remember Those Words?, Hollow, and You Don’t Know I’m Leaving, this poem was written in May 2015. The significance of the frogs is personal and is the last psychological scar of that time which I still feel slightly, but which, I’m sure, will eventually fade to nothing. […]