Poem: In The Twilight Before Tomorrow

In the Twilight Before Tomorrow

When I hear you whisper your visions,
promising a million vivid memories
in a finally-unfettered future,
I feel a completeness, a release
as of the dawn peering between mountains,
while behind us the gulls cry
their morning songs of freedom.

I don’t remember ever saying hello,
but I know I never want to say goodbye,
rather to watch as you materialise
from your ghost of present,
solidify into something touchable,
kissable, to caress your heart with mine.

A dissolving of self in tender flames
and a phoenix with two souls rising
into the sky from the remnants of the past,
soaring and sweeping over unexplored waters.
A quiet declaration beneath the stars,
beneath the harvest moon,
beneath the tangled sheets.

Say the magic words
to reveal your hall of wonders
and I’ll taste every oil-blushed jewel,
caress each glistening garland,
touch and savour each of your senses
in a kaleidoscope of pleasures.

Let me swim in your scent, taste the salt
on your skin as moonlight spills over us.
An urgent grasp as you open for me,
a joining of flesh as my faded eyes
try to capture the glint in yours,
to delve deeper and rise,
hearts bursting with unforeseen treasures.

In twilight is where we are,
and whatever the word to describe
what we two are becoming,
whatever light remains will guide us
into our tomorrow.

Copyright © Scott Kaelen

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