Kurzgeschichte: Trostloses ’93

This is the German version of my short story, Bleak ’93. Translation by Linda Vogel. Callum Fishers Leben mit seinen Eltern bedeutete Überleben, von einem trostlosen Jahr zum nächsten, und das muss sich ändern. Ein bestimmter Tag im Jahr 1993 scheint wie jeder Tag in Callums elendem Leben, aber bald wird er feststellen, dass die […]

Sketch: The Video Dead

I did this one back in 2014. For those who don’t know about The Video Dead, it was a 1987 American B-movie zomcom which scared the living dead out of me when I watched it at the age of 9 but I appreciated the originality of some of the zombies and I loved the cover […]

Poem: Dissident

I originally intended for this poem to be the first of three parts which would come under the umbrella title of “Dissident’s Crossing” (with this first part being titled “Infidel’s Ire”). The chance of the second and third parts being completed is unlikely now that my focus is almost entirely on writing my epic fantasy. […]