The Nameless and The Fallen by Scott Kaelen review

The Swordsmith

Hello and welcome to my latest review on the blog, westu hal to you and today I am bringing to you a review of one of the best books I have read this year! The Nameless and The Fallen is hands down fantastic, when I learned through my book and twitter buddy Nick Borelli that Scott was organising a book tour to promote it, I jumped on board to read this.

So before we get started I am tipping my hat to Scott for organising his own tour, do check out his Twitter page to follow along with the tour. There are some awesome bloggers helping out with this one, check them out they don’t bite.

Right now for the blurb of this epic fantasy story

The Blurb

Widespread madness, rampaging monsters and the reckless choices of monarchs all stem from a pall that has descended upon Verragos. In the…

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