Lilin (Demon Hunter prequel novelette) by Electa Graham

Aswell as creating the covers for Electa Graham’s Demon Hunter I & II, I also whipped together the cover for the series’ prequel novelette – which, by the way, is FREE on Amazon and most other online publishing outlets. Lilin on Amazon A rewarding Demon Hunter prequel As a short prequel entry into the Demon […]

Poem: I Will, I Promise

I Will, I Promise I’ll tidy your room, I’ll weed the garden, and I’ll smell your perfume without begging your pardon. I’ll vacuum the floor, I’ll feed all your pets, I’ll answer the door and I’ll pay off the debts. I’ll love you in small ways, I’ll sing you this song, I’ll be with you […]

Poem: Take Me Home

This is just a simple, little ditty, really, but from the heart. The interesting thing is that, since I wrote it, line 6 is no longer true, and soon will be doubly untrue.   Take Me Home Take me home that I might be embracing one I long to see. Once all was lost, now […]

Poem: Quasar

Quasar Oh, Quasar, you infant of primal night, you elder of the spangled dome, are you a sentinel warning not to pass beyond your maelstrom core at the edge of light, into the starless unknown? As you race across the firmament, looking behind for your lagging rivals, do you ever slow, give up your journey, […]

Poem: Arrow

Arrow An arrow can not alter its course once loosed. Control is lost. It soars onward to its target, or it falls short. I lived in a quiver until I matured, then I sailed the sky. Guilty of dreaming, of daring to live, braving a voice against the wind, I cut a swathe with razor […]

Poem: Second Sun

Second Sun The second sun sets late this night, descending now as the rays of the first stretching northward; like a drowning angel in moments gone, its sky-chasing sister is left weeping golden trickles as if reaching down too late, as always, in their eternal, sorrowful playground chase. I watched you both as you crossed […]

Poem: Barge of the Blind

Barge of the Blind As raindrops merged with foaming waves, aboard the Barge of the Blind I sailed, toward ragged wraiths on skyline’s haze, in search of any holy grail. As shadows twitching in the night, or snowflakes drifting in the frost, a candle drowned in sunbeams bright, on a barren ocean I was lost. […]

The Lexicon of Langwich – “A”

The Lexicon of Langwich A Dictionary of Alternative Definitions, employing Inappropriate Wit and Second-Rate Etymology ~A~ Abaddon – A really rubbish Mafia boss. Abalone – A type of shellfish that yields absolute nonsense. Abattoir – The name of a little-heard-of Swedish pop group that lasted less than a fortnight, which was formed by the remaining […]

Poem: Do You Remember Those Words?

A bit bleak, this one, but it was, after all, written in April/May of 2015 when a certain wound was new and fresh. I am, of course, long over it now (I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear), but, pedantic as it may be, my sentiment about ‘forever’ must remain the same. It’s also important […]

Short Story: The Hyperverse Accord

The Forever Stranger, born a seemingly normal human baby named Caiaphas Dace, is an entity whose continued existence defies the very laws of space-time. The short story The Hyperverse Accord documents a meeting at the end of the universe, between Dace, now evolved to a non-corporeal existence, and a mysterious entity calling itself the Observer. […]

Short Story: Bleak ’93

Callum Fisher’s life with his parents has been a survival from one bleak year to the next, and it needs to change. A particular day in 1993 seems just like any other day in Callum’s miserable life, but soon he will discover that the biggest of changes takes only a moment of bravery. Bleak ’93 […]

Poem: Between These Walls

Between these walls the days stretch silent; no staccato of laughter as you land in my embrace, no crystal tears trailing into the crook of your smile. There are moments beneath the barrage in the obsidian hours when I hear a ghostly whisper before descending into dreams, pursued by phantasms of you. You may be […]

Poem: The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room Here I sit in the long pause between one life and the next. The room is pitch but for the washed-out light of the monitor before me. Rain lashes the window, whipped into a frenzy by the crafty gods of Christmas, juxtaposing the tears that flow freely down my cheeks. This was, […]

Global Human Population Rise

World Population Rise (From 1 Million to 10 Billion) UPDATE: Since the time in which this article was originally published (2016, Life, The Universe & Free Thinking), the human global population has surpassed the forecast in rise. Now, in mid-2018, the population has reached almost 7.7 billion, a figure originally forecast for 2021. It is […]

SPFBO Entry Interview: Scott Kaelen “The Blighted City”

via SPFBO Entry Interview: Scott Kaelen “The Blighted City” This is me being interviewed about my dark epic fantasy novel, The Blighted City, by fellow author and fellow SPFBO 2018 entrant, Michael Baker. He’ll be interviewing various other authors taking part in the contest, so please follow his blog if you’re following SPFBO, are a […]


Just got back from a long vacation, during which I was offline from the internet the whole time, and was thrilled to find this new review for The Blighted City comparing my novel to George RR Martin and Joe Abercrombie. Huge thanks to Josh for putting a smile on my face amid the downer of […]

Poem: Did You See This Coming?

The inspiration for this poem came a couple of years ago after hearing that the Rosetta spacecraft had discovered large-structured carbon-based molecules on Comet 67P. Naturally, this fueled my poetic desire to start a monologue with the Invisible, Non-Existent One. I can also give credit to the likes of Isaac Asimov, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Hawkins, […]