Poem: Dissident

I originally intended for this poem to be the first of three parts which would come under the umbrella title of “Dissident’s Crossing” (with this first part being titled “Infidel’s Ire”). The chance of the second and third parts being completed is unlikely now that my focus is almost entirely on writing my epic fantasy. […]

Poem: In The Twilight Before Tomorrow

In the Twilight Before Tomorrow When I hear you whisper your visions, promising a million vivid memories in a finally-unfettered future, I feel a completeness, a release as of the dawn peering between mountains, while behind us the gulls cry their morning songs of freedom. I don’t remember ever saying hello, but I know I […]

Poem: Daughter Beneath

This poem comes with an EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING. Trust your instincts from the title alone and DON’T read the poem if you think the warning may apply to you. For anyone “testing the water” with the first stanza, I can assure you that things escalate from there on. You have been warned. This 590-word poem […]

Poem: The Frog Garden

Along with the poems Black Horizon, Do You Remember Those Words?, Hollow, and You Don’t Know I’m Leaving, this poem was written in May 2015. The significance of the frogs is personal and is the last psychological scar of that time which I still feel slightly, but which, I’m sure, will eventually fade to nothing. […]

Poem: The Darkest Tower

The Darkest Tower Small things creep, unsettling dust as they crawl along threads on this web of the lost. A captive, I listen, shackled and bound in desolate despair, silently praying I’ll soon be found, bitten and stung and finally devoured, freed from the pain of my darkest hour. Skeletons embrace here in tragic repose, […]

Poem: Paragon Of Pointless Poetry

Paragon Of Pointless Poetry I’m fully aware with these first words as I prepare to pen this tasteless trash, that, just like a waterfall of turds, this poem will close with a calamitous crash. While pointlessly penning each new component of this clearly nonsensical mountain of sludge, collected in verse with no hope of atonement, […]

Poem: A Nymph At Midnight

A Nymph At Midnight A soft sound rouses me from sleep and my heart trips with a secret smile. I turn to see your silhouette melt into the room, your bare feet silent. The moon licks vermilion trails, casting your curves in a fae light. A fire flashes in your eyes; a playful nymph drifting, […]

Poem: Hollow

  Hollow I had a life before you, of course, but let’s not pretend it had meaning, nor suggest it possessed purpose. Decades marred by sin and shame, empty achievements, ambitious failures; these are the tools that carve the hearts out of hopeful youth, and forge the mold from which hollow men are made. Long […]

Poem: Capturing The Fairy

Capturing the Fairy You of weather-washed beauty, I see those dimples whisper under your dreaming gaze, the tip of your tongue nestled in the crook of a pensive smile. A ragged, fae creature, sun-streaked and dusted among crumbled pillars, your breast with moistness darkened. You pause, glance side-long to waters beyond the harbour’s glistening haze, […]

Poem: Sacrifice

Sacrifice Do you need me to carve out my heart at the altar? Will you lead me to the cliff with your secret hymns? Would you ask me to crawl through a broken land, weeping? And do you want me to cast my beliefs to the winds? Well now, I might just give it a […]

Poem: I Am The Fire

I Am The Fire I am the fire, the glow in your eyes, an illusion of outlandish lust, a stranger before you with silken sighs, a whisper of flames as I’m tasting your trust. I am the fire that smoulders your heart, the nexus of all you desire, this hollow-toothed incubus cleaves you apart with […]

Poem: I Will, I Promise

I Will, I Promise I’ll tidy your room, I’ll weed the garden, and I’ll smell your perfume without begging your pardon. I’ll vacuum the floor, I’ll feed all your pets, I’ll answer the door and I’ll pay off the debts. I’ll love you in small ways, I’ll sing you this song, I’ll be with you […]

Poem: Take Me Home

This is just a simple, little ditty, really, but from the heart. The interesting thing is that, since I wrote it, line 6 is no longer true, and soon will be doubly untrue.   Take Me Home Take me home that I might be embracing one I long to see. Once all was lost, now […]

Poem: Quasar

Quasar Oh, Quasar, you infant of primal night, you elder of the spangled dome, are you a sentinel warning not to pass beyond your maelstrom core at the edge of light, into the starless unknown? As you race across the firmament, looking behind for your lagging rivals, do you ever slow, give up your journey, […]

Poem: Arrow

Arrow An arrow can not alter its course once loosed. Control is lost. It soars onward to its target, or it falls short. I lived in a quiver until I matured, then I sailed the sky. Guilty of dreaming, of daring to live, braving a voice against the wind, I cut a swathe with razor […]

Poem: Second Sun

Second Sun The second sun sets late this night, descending now as the rays of the first stretching northward; like a drowning angel in moments gone, its sky-chasing sister is left weeping golden trickles as if reaching down too late, as always, in their eternal, sorrowful playground chase. I watched you both as you crossed […]

Poem: Barge of the Blind

Barge of the Blind As raindrops merged with foaming waves, aboard the Barge of the Blind I sailed, toward ragged wraiths on skyline’s haze, in search of any holy grail. As shadows twitching in the night, or snowflakes drifting in the frost, a candle drowned in sunbeams bright, on a barren ocean I was lost. […]

Poem: Do You Remember Those Words?

A bit bleak, this one, but it was, after all, written in April/May of 2015 when a certain wound was new and fresh. I am, of course, long over it now (I’m sure you’ll be happy to hear), but, pedantic as it may be, my sentiment about ‘forever’ must remain the same. It’s also important […]

Poem: Between These Walls

Between these walls the days stretch silent; no staccato of laughter as you land in my embrace, no crystal tears trailing into the crook of your smile. There are moments beneath the barrage in the obsidian hours when I hear a ghostly whisper before descending into dreams, pursued by phantasms of you. You may be […]

Poem: The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room Here I sit in the long pause between one life and the next. The room is pitch but for the washed-out light of the monitor before me. Rain lashes the window, whipped into a frenzy by the crafty gods of Christmas, juxtaposing the tears that flow freely down my cheeks. This was, […]

Poem: Did You See This Coming?

The inspiration for this poem came a couple of years ago after hearing that the Rosetta spacecraft had discovered large-structured carbon-based molecules on Comet 67P. Naturally, this fueled my poetic desire to start a monologue with the Invisible, Non-Existent One. I can also give credit to the likes of Isaac Asimov, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Hawkins, […]

I, Architect

This is one of my favourite poems. I wrote it in 2016. It was born from my interest in palaeontology and also my contempt for organised religion. Let me know what you think in the comments! I, Architect I was the Primer, the Converger Aeternum, I was here before the celestial birth. I am the […]