When Gods Awaken (Old Testament Genesis Parody Short Story)

The beginning is a good place to go wrong, some say, but there’s a certain deity who omnipotently disagrees. Forget all you thought you knew about the first moments of existence, and prepare to have your beliefs played with, tickled, spanked, stretched across spacetime and shattered into so many irrelevant motes of stardust. Travel back […]

The Lingering Remains (Apocalyptic Zombie Love Story)

The Lingering Remains   He stared up through the tops of elms, their leaves heavy from a recent downpour. Beyond the canopy hung a bruised and blistered sky. He turned his gaze to the ground beside his head, and a leaf-strewn, rain-damp trail came into focus. What is this place? He climbed unsteadily to his […]

Moses Garrett (Urban SF Short Story)

Moses Garrett Moses Garrett sat on a rusted pipe, watching the sun dip below the jagged horizon of the town’s rooftops. Off to the south, cylindrical monsters of glass and chrome loomed and tilted into the reddened sky, their shadows stretching before them like shackled dogs, lacking the will for a final pull to an […]

Kurzgeschichte: Trostloses ’93

This is the German version of my short story, Bleak ’93. Translation by Linda Vogel. Callum Fishers Leben mit seinen Eltern bedeutete Überleben, von einem trostlosen Jahr zum nächsten, und das muss sich ändern. Ein bestimmter Tag im Jahr 1993 scheint wie jeder Tag in Callums elendem Leben, aber bald wird er feststellen, dass die […]

Short Story: The Hyperverse Accord

The Forever Stranger, born a seemingly normal human baby named Caiaphas Dace, is an entity whose continued existence defies the very laws of space-time. The short story The Hyperverse Accord documents a meeting at the end of the universe, between Dace, now evolved to a non-corporeal existence, and a mysterious entity calling itself the Observer. […]

Short Story: Bleak ’93

Callum Fisher’s life with his parents has been a survival from one bleak year to the next, and it needs to change. A particular day in 1993 seems just like any other day in Callum’s miserable life, but soon he will discover that the biggest of changes takes only a moment of bravery. Bleak ’93 […]

Island In The Sands (a short story)

Island In The Sands follows on from the flash vignette Stranger And The Shadow. This short story, as with the flash story Falling, is based on a dream I had when I was a young boy (I’ve always had very strange dreams). If you’ve read my notes on the previous instalments of these ‘Forever Stranger’ […]

Falling (a flash story)

This flash story is written in the first-person perspective, through the eyes of Caiaphas Dace, the Forever Stranger, recalling a moment in his very early childhood. I’ll admit that the ‘dream’ sequence and some of the family details mentioned are from my own childhood. Falling is what the shadow in Reflections In Paradise compels Caiaphas […]