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The Encyclopedia Verragos is an ongoing work-in-progress.

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A Companion Guide To

“A sack of pig feed has no voice.”

HERE BE DRAGONS! (Actually, here be no dragons, as there are none on Verragos and the jury’s out as to whether there ever were – ignoring, for a moment, the hill known as Dreaming Dragon Brae – but you get the idea.)

This encyclopedia is intended to be read after reading The Blighted City in its entirety (or any other titles in the series). To view any particular encyclopedia entry may result in the curious reader being on the receiving end of an unwelcome spoiler. To that end, Encyclopedia Verragos is meant as a dessert to the published titles in the series. Everything you need to know will be in whichever story you’re reading, as you read it. In some cases, all you need are vague suggestions or contextual hints, but for a more in-depth analysis of characters, locales, gods, items and other strange or unique doodads, this encyclopedia is your one-stop shop.

Within some of the descriptions here, you may find names and snippets of world lore and history that are not mentioned in any published titles – hints, possibly, as to what further threads might be woven as the Fractured Tapestry expands.

You can dive into the encyclopedia like a bloodhound sniffing for clues, or merely use it as a means to brush up on who’s who and what’s what in the world of Verragos. Either way, remember: Read The Blighted City first!

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