Dramatis personæ

Dramatis personæ

All entries are for characters mentioned or appearing in The Fractured Tapestry so far. Whenever known, the full names of characters are given. Each entry is listed within the individual’s places of residence as seen during their first appearance, as well as the final resting places of those who were already dead (or, in some cases, not so dead) prior to their first mention in the series. Characters are listed alphabetically by their first names, except for where a first name is not known.

In Himaera, family names were mostly dropped after the Great Uprising that ended the Days of Kings. Most of those in Himaera with family names are either descended from the lands of the Vorinsian Arkh or have moved to Himaera from the Arkh, an example of the latter being Jalis Falconet.

Again, HERE BE DRAGONS! You will find spoilers in these character descriptions which may ruin your reading experience if you’re not up to date with the series.



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