Residents of Balen

Residents of Balen

Cela Chiddari – Cela was an austere, elderly woman from the woodland hamlet of Balen, with substantial savings in the form of a chest filled with silver dari coins. She was born in the year 621 FA. Her mother was Daneira, and her son is Randallen.

Cela asked the Freeblades Guild to journey across Scapa Fell and recover her family’s ancestral burial jewel from the graveyard of the Blighted City. When agreeing to put the contract offer onto the guildboard, Maros had no idea that, fifty years prior, Cela made the same request of the guild and that the freeblade who took the contract was never seen again.

Cela’s final wish was to be buried without first being cremated, and for the Chiddari jewel to be placed in her casket in the hope that it would resurrect her; little did she realise that the chances of that happening were highly unlikely due to the jewel’s great distance from its source of power, the Mother. Still, the stench of her putrefying corpse did make Randallen vomit when he lifted the lid of her casket to throw the jewel inside.

Daneira Chiddari – Daneira was born in the village of Minnow’s Beck in southern Scapa Fell. She was a descendant of Krea Chiddari’s mother and brother who fled the Blighted City.

In Daneira’s early adulthood, she lived with her husband and firstborn child until the young boy died of fever. In desperation, her husband entered the Forbidden Place and brought back the first deadstone he could find, and lay it beside their boy’s body in the hope that it would bring him back to life. It did, but not at all in the way the couple had envisioned. Daneira woke one night to find the animated corpse of her son squatting over her husband, feasting on him. In terror, she fled Minnow’s Beck and never looked back. Pregnant with her second child, she managed to cross Scapa Fell and head into Caerheath, where she reached a tiny hamlet in a clearing within the forest of Eihazwood.

At that time, Balen consisted only of five houses. The residents took pity on Daneira, and a kind couple took her in. There, she gave birth to a daughter who she named Cela.

Randallen Chiddari – Randallen – or Ral as he prefers to be called by everyone, including those he doesn’t like – lives in Balen with his wife and two young daughters. When leaving the house, Randallen will often be seen wearing a long overcoat and a plaid cap; very much on the fringe of rising fashion is Randallen Chiddari.

His mother, Cela, lived in a separate cottage at the other end of the crescent-shaped hamlet. Randallen’s wife found Cela dead when she took her breakfast. Randallen buried her body a short distance behind Balen in a small clearing within the forest of Eihazwood.

Maros claims that Randallen is a suspected degenerate, although he didn’t elaborate on what exactly that means. One could assume that all is not as it should be within the walls of Randallen’s family home.