Chiddari Family Chronology

Chiddari Family Chronology

A chronology of all known members of the Chiddari family. Dates pertain to the Fourth Age of the Sosarran Calendar. The chronology shows the variations of the name Chiddari over the centuries as it changed from Tjiddarei to Chiddarei and finally to Chiddari. This is not a family tree, as many branches of the Chiddari line are either undocumented or not mentioned within The Blighted City. In Lachyla, family names were not changed when two people married, but any children they bore would take the family name of the parent whose lineage (or current personal social position) had the most standing or renown.

Cunaxa Tjiddarei
Matron of the Chiddari Line
born 152 – died 225

Gorven Althalus
born 381 – blighted alive to undead 420
Father of Krea and her brother

Gorven’s Wife / Krea’s Mother
born 384 – date of death unknown

Gorven’s Son / Krea’s Brother
born 402 – date of death unknown

Krea Chiddarei
born 407 – died and blighted undead 420
Daughter of Gorven Althalus

Daneira Chiddari
born 600 – died 640
Mother of Cela and her brother

Daneira’s Husband
born 597 – died 620

Daneira’s First Child (son)
born 615 – died 620 – briefly undead before being destroyed

Cela Chiddari
born 621 – died 693
Daughter of Daneira, and Mother of Randallen

Randallen Chiddari
born 654
Son of Cela, and Father of two daughters

Randallen’s Wife
born 661

Randallen’s First Daughter
born 68

Randallen’s Second Daughter
born 685