Residents of Eyndal

Residents of Eyndal

Gafrid – Dagra’s grandfather lives in Eyndal with his wife, Ilhdra. Gafrid’s father was associated with the Freeblades Guild, and was killed as a result of that connection when Gafrid was a young teenager. Gafrid swore he would live a life of peace and have nothing to do with the Freeblades Guild. Despite this, his own son joined the guild and ultimately lost his life because of it.

Gafrid and Ilhdra raised Dagra after his parents died during an altercation with bandits when Dagra was only two years old. The altercation arose as a result of Dagra’s father accepting a contract to negotiate peace with a bandit group operating in the Kadelia Downs region. Having already lost his father, son and daughter due to freeblade business, it pained Gafrid greatly when he heard Dagra has joined the Freeblades Guild. The news of Dagra’s death while on a guild contract devastated Gafrid.

IlhdraIlhdra is Dagra’s grandmother. She has lived in Eyndal all her life. Her second daughter, son-in-law, and several grandchildren also live in Eyndal. Ilhdra and Gafrid kept a caring eye on Oriken after his mother was found dead in the wilderness beyond Eyndal.

Despite losing three of her closest family because of the Freeblades Guild (Dagra’s parents, and later Dagra himself), Ilhdra manages to find forgiveness in her heart for the guild, reasoning that Himaera would be a worse place without its primary faction of protectors. Although she deeply mourns for Dagra, she is safe in the knowledge that the blessed Dyad have taken him to the Underland to be reborn, and she is sure that Dagra is once again with his parents. A good thing, then, that Oriken didn’t hear his dead friend’s voice until after he bid farewell to the elderly, grieving couple.

Kyne – Kyne was a mine worker in the mines of Eyndal. He lived with his wife, Liora, and their son, Oriken. Oriken was scarcely a teenager and was earning meagre wages from menial tasks in the mines when his father was murdered by a fellow miner. Kyne’s favourite piece of apparel was a hat with a wide brim that was slightly curved on both sides and had an indented crown. The hat was stolen by his killer, but Dagra retrieved it for Oriken when he took vengeance for his friend by stabbing Kyne’s murdered to death in his sleep. Kyne’s ashes, along with those of his wife, reside in the hillside graveyard on the outskirts of Eyndal.