Residents of Lachyla

Residents of Lachyla

Alamar – Alamar is the brother of Amaran. When Alamar discovered Onwin hiding in the brothers’ loft in their Lachylan house, the hunter shot Alamar in the eye with an arrow.

Amaran – Amaran climbed the ladder to their loft when Alamar didn’t respond to his calls. Seeing his brother slumped within the hatch, Amaran knew something was amiss and was prepared for an attack from the shadows. Despite Onwin trying to shoot the second brother aswell, Amaran reached the hunter and promptly knocked him senseless, later dragging him outside and binding his hands, tossing him onto a Litchwagon among bits of corpses, and delivering him into the hands of Gorven, but not before Oriken stepped in to punch Onwin in the face.

Cleve Hauverydh – A Lachylan metallurgist, tinker and author. Before the blight, Cleve penned the tome On The Nayture Of Mynerales. Aswell as creating the heat lens, which Sabrian gave to Oriken, Cleve also forged the blade Ammenfar for King Mallak. A man of many talents is Cleve Hauverydh, including being an exceptional swordsmith. His great great something-or-other descendant is Caneli, the physician of Minnow’s Beck.

Cunaxa Tjiddarei – Cunaxa is the patron of the Chiddari line. She was born in the Year 152 FA and died in the year 225 FA. The name Chiddari is derived from Old Himaeran Tjiddarei, which was used during Cunaxa’s lifetime and is inscribed on her tombstone. The statue outside the Chiddari crypt is of Cunaxa, and has her clasping a small hammer and chisel to her breast. Set into her tomb is the Chiddari burial jewel, which she does a not particularly good job of looking after, given how she’s dead (although she may or may not have moved slightly when Dagra removed the jewel from her tomb).The second time Oriken sees Cunaxa, he tells her wizened skull that they really should stop meeting like this, otherwise people will begin to talk.

Elijah – Jerrick, the elderly, pipe-smoking patron of the Lonely Peddler, once had a friend named Elijah (who he called Lijah). Elijah was a freeblade at Alder’s Folly fifty years prior to Maros becoming the Guild Official. Elijah accepted a mission from the guild which (a ‘mission’ being what contracts used to be called) which required him to travel to the Blighted City. He never returned.

Elimae Galialos – The ancestor of Shade is referred to by her descendant as Aunt Elimae, although she is three and a half centuries older than Shade. Elimae was elderly when she turned undead during the blight, but her new lease of long life has brought out the most lascivious elements of her character, sharing the same wanton desires that run inherent through the women of the Galialos line, many of whom secretly flocked to join her in Lachyla; these include Shade and her mother. Elimae and her debaucherous ‘nieces’ have, on the rare occasion, taken a non-Lachylan captive for their lustful needs; these include (but may or may not be limited to) Sabrian and Tan.

Ellidar – Ellidar is a Knight-Paladin of Valsana and one of the last remaining guards of Lachyla Castle. Built like a stone outhouse, Ellidar is a force to be reckoned with and, like most clichéd knights, has a penchant for chivalry. One might mistake his chivalrous nature as flirtation, and one might be correct to do so; after all, he’s been cooped up in Lachyla for the best part of three centuries where the opportunity to meet new and interesting ladies is quite scarce. The death of King Mallak means that Ellidar is the highest ranking individual in Lachyla Castle (although not in the city), but his time will be largely taken with the reconstruction of the castle, especially the collapsed mineshafts leadning to the Mother.

Emil – Emil is an undead citizen of Lachyla whose arm was torn from its socket during the fight with the denizens of the graveyard. When Ellidar saw Emil wandering the street with his severed arm in his hand, the knight took the appendage and shoved it onto the torn shoulder-hole, telling Emil quite sternly to keep the two ends pressed together or risk losing his arm permanently. Emil followed the knight’s advice, because Ellidar knows what he’s talking about.

Gorven Althalus – The Lachylans, as with all Himaerans (prior to the Great Uprising when family names were dropped), retained their birth-given family name when two people married. Any children would take the name of the parent whose family had the best social standing (historically and/or currently). Therefore Gorven’s daughter Krea took the name Chiddari rather than Althalus. Gorven was dying of the wasted disease when he was turned by the blight, and over the centuries has become philosophically-minded and a little tetchy when shot in the chest with a crossbow bolt. He also has a pet blind pygmy, which he feeds his own blood occasionally to keep it from desiccation (although the pygmy itself has long since succumbed to the blight and is as undead as Gorven); the physiology of those strange little creatures is of considerable interest to Gorven and some of his Lachylan friends.

Heilin – Heilin is one of the few remaining Lachylan knights. He is second to Ellidar, and was severely injured during the stampede of undead as they tried to enter the castle. Heilin may not fully recover from his terrible wounds, and might decide instead to enter the true death if the limits of his recovery deem him to be no longer fit for service.

Josaius – Josaius is a citizen of Lachyla. He attended the meal the evening before the freeblades left the city. For reasons better known to himself, Josaius has a strong dislike of outlanders. Perhaps it was attitudes such as his, passed down from survivors of the blight to the villagers of Minnow’s Beck, which instilled in the villagers such distrust of the outside world.

Krea Chiddarei – Krea is Gorven Althalus’s daughter. After three centuries, they still live together in the Chiddari Mansion, although Krea has taken to calling her father by his name.

Prior to her birth, her ancestral name Tjiddarei changed to Chiddarei as the language moved from Middle to Modern Sosarran. The reformation continued after her birth, dropping the e from Chiddarei to become Chiddari.

Blighted and risen from true death after a day and a half of being dead, Krea retained the stature and physical maturity of a thirteen year old girl. Centuries of training to the levelof grandmaster swordswoman have finely honed her body, making her a force to be reckoned with.

Krea hates being called a girl, and is quite capable of making someone regret doing so, as Oriken discovered. Despite that, the two formed a tentative and volatile friendship in the short time Oriken stayed in Lachyla. As for his freeblade companions, Krea barely acknowledged Dagra and seemed to look down her nose at the skilled and attractive Jalis, but the more than casual observer might have noticed a touch of jealousy in Krea towards the bond between Jalis and Oriken.

Lewin – Lewin is an acolyte of Valsana, turned by the blight when he was only four years old; small surprise, then, that he became a devout worshipper of the goddess, Valsana. He lives in the monastery of Lachyla. During the Days of Kings, the monks of the monastery were hoarders and misers. After the blight, the monks took their own lives, leaving Lewin to inherit storerooms stocked with chests and coffers containing all manner of items. One such chest, filled with silver and golden dari, was discovered in an upstairs storeroom of the monastery by Jalis, from which she pocketed several of the ancient gold coins; perhaps, after deciding to leave the Freeblades Guild, she will put their worth into a sensible investment.

Mallak Ammenfar – The last king of Lachyla, cursed to spend his undeath ruling over his equally undead subjects. Spending three centuries ruminating over his existence led Mallak to believe that his presence on Verragos had become pointless; his subjects were more than capable of continuing their existences without him, and so he grasped the opportunity to fight Oriken, an outsider who owed him no allegiance. Mallak might have taken a similar opportunity with Sabrian if the man from Grenmoor had not been hidden away by the Galialos family for his first months in Lachyla, after which time Sabrian was as undead as everyone else in the city. King Mallak did have a queen, but soon after the beginning of the blight she walked into the ocean with her illegitimate child, both of them dying the true death.

Sabrian – Originally hailing from the village of Harrowstone in southern Grenmoor, Sabrian journeyed to the Blighted City with three companions after hearing a Taleweaver recite the legend of Lachyla (a tale which, for most people, usually reinforces conviction to stay well away from the Deadlands).

Perhaps the most tragic part of Sabrian’s story is that his family lived the rest of their lives unaware of his ordeal at the hands of the villagers of Minnow’s Beck, his ‘rescue’ by the Galialos family, and his slow turning to undeath months later while still in their captivity.

Upon learning from Jalis that Harrowstone was destroyed a decade earlier, Sabrian couldn’t help but wonder if any of his descendants survived or died in the bandit attack. When the freeblades left Lachyla, he gifted Jalis with a book written in Old Himaeran, and Oriken a small contraption known as a heat lens, created by Cleve Hauverydh.

Simri – Simri attended the meal that was held after the streets had been cleaned up following the attack of the graveyard denizens. Simri never held King Mallak in high regard, but only dared voice his opinions after the sovereign’s death. The knight-paladin Ellidar quickly put him in his place.

Tamria – Tamria is a mythologian and antiquarian, and a good friend of Gorven. It is probabe that during her visits to the Chiddari Mansion, she, along with Gorven, studies the curious undead blind pygmy which Gorven keeps in a cage.