Residents of Midhallow

Residents of Midhallow

Epheema – The wife of Lonaris Cri, and the mother of their baby daughter, Tira. Epheema was slain by her fellow tribesfolk during the Night of the Giving because of her bond of betrothal to one of the Volami.

HakhosHakhos was once a close friend of Lonaris Cri and Epheema, but, during the harvest celebration, he and all the other tribesfolk betrayed the Volami and massacred them to the last – or so they believed.

Lonaris Cri – A Volami resident of the city of Midhallow. Husband of Epheema and father of Tira. After the fateful Night of the Giving, during which Lonaris lost everything dear to him, he decided to also discard his name. Whether the nameless man – the last of the Volami – assumes any other identifier after he walks away from the ruins of Ang-Khur, remains to be seen.

The Retainer – One of many of Midhallow’s caretakers, this particular Retainer was able to do what none of the others could – to leave the confines of the city and its immediate surroundings after surmising that the Volami people were in danger. Beyond the ability to transcend its nature, there is something more subtle and yet much more curious about the being known only as the Retainer.

Tira – The baby daughter of Lonaris Cri and Epheema. Tira is a halfblood, being the offspring of a Volami and a human woman of the indigenous tribes. What became of Tira after the massacre of her people is not known.