Historic Periods & Events

Historic Periods & Events

A list of specific time periods, traditions and major historic events mentioned in the Fractured Tapestry so far.

The Days of Kings – The period in Himaeran history when the land was divided into many kingdoms. Over the course of centuries, the borders of those kingdoms changed often, and the number of ruling monarchs at any one time also rose and fell often. The Days of Kings began several centuries before the end of the Third Age and continued until the Great Uprising, which resulted in all kingdoms being overthrown or otherwise abolished.

The Great Uprising – What began as a series of scattered uprisings quickly spread across Himaera into a bloody civil war called the Great Uprising, or merely the Uprising. It lasted for four years and marked the end of the Days of Kings. The catalyst for the Uprising was the blight of Lachyla, the news of which shook the entire land and propelled the people into action to ensure the same fate would not occur elsewhere in Himaera.

Naming rite – A tribal ritual whereby on the second annual celebration of a child’s birth, the child’s name is formally added to the tribe’s records. There is often much rejoicing during the rite, as it is believed the child has passed the uncertain time associated with the arbitrary taking of the child by the god, Drommelach.

Night of the Giving – An annual custom of merry-making at the height of the season of Harvest, celebrating good crops – or praying for the poor crops to improve – by the exchanging of gifts and tokens between the tribes.

Night of the Taking – The name given by Lonaris Cri to the Night of the Giving, as it was on this night that his wife, his daughter, his kin, his city and his heritage were taken from him.