Night Of The Taking

“If the crow would not crow, the corpse would be his alone.” – Sosarran Proverb

Night Of The Taking

This is an awesome introduction to the upcoming novel based on Verragos. The story flows well and is engaging and starts off on a heart rendering note.” 5☆ #AmazonReview

“I couldn’t help but feel for Lonaris, for the suffering he endured. I’m excited to see what’s in store in the upcoming novel. I definitely look forward to this author’s future works.” 5☆ #AmazonReview

Night of the Taking was a hint at a complex world that I can’t wait to revisit. It is a short story, but I got wrapped up and I want to know more about this magical world and the beings that inhabit it.” 5☆ #AmazonReview

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Night of the Taking

The Volami opened the walls of their shining city of Midhallow and invited the surrounding tribesfolk to venture within. Decades later, the two races dwelt together inside the city, not quite as equals, and guarded by the ever-present Retainers. A treaty, offered by the tribes to the Volami, was to seal their tenuous union during a long-held ritual. But it was a ruse. The celebrations became the bloodiest treachery the Volami would ever know, setting in motion events that would echo down the ages.