Free Short Stories

Free Short Stories


Back in 2013 and 2014, after learning the basics of writing over the previous year or so, I tested my newly-acquired and therefore still fresh skills by thrashing out several short stories over multiple genres. Bear in mind that the stories here are the first I ever wrote, and therefore shouldn’t be taken as my optimum quality output. If you do read any of them, I’d rather you only consider them as exhibits of the capability of someone who is (was) still new to the whole writing game. Am I proud of them? Not really. That’s why they’re here for you to read for free. If you want something novel-length and considerably better, read The Blighted City.

When Gods Awaken (Biblical Genesis parody)

Moses Garrett (Dystopian cyberpunk)

The Lingering Remains (Apocalyptic zombie love story)

Bleak ’93 (Childhood family drama)
Trostloses ’93 (Bleak ’93 German edition)

The Forever Stranger (Don’t even ask, I have no idea)
I: Reflections In Paradise
II: Falling
III: Stranger And The Shadow
IV: Island In The Sands
V: The Hyperverse Accord