When Gods Awaken (Old Testament Genesis Parody Short Story)

The beginning is a good place to go wrong, some say, but there’s a certain deity who omnipotently disagrees. Forget all you thought you knew about the first moments of existence, and prepare to have your beliefs played with, tickled, spanked, stretched across spacetime and shattered into so many irrelevant motes of stardust. Travel back […]

I, Architect

This is one of my favourite poems. I wrote it in 2016. It was born from my interest in palaeontology and also my contempt for organised religion. Let me know what you think in the comments! I, Architect I was the Primer, the Converger Aeternum, I was here before the celestial birth. I am the […]

Falling (a flash story)

This flash story is written in the first-person perspective, through the eyes of Caiaphas Dace, the Forever Stranger, recalling a moment in his very early childhood. I’ll admit that the ‘dream’ sequence and some of the family details mentioned are from my own childhood. Falling is what the shadow in Reflections In Paradise compels Caiaphas […]