Poem: Capturing The Fairy

Capturing the Fairy You of weather-washed beauty, I see those dimples whisper under your dreaming gaze, the tip of your tongue nestled in the crook of a pensive smile. A ragged, fae creature, sun-streaked and dusted among crumbled pillars, your breast with moistness darkened. You pause, glance side-long to waters beyond the harbour’s glistening haze, […]

Poem: Sacrifice

Sacrifice Do you need me to carve out my heart at the altar? Will you lead me to the cliff with your secret hymns? Would you ask me to crawl through a broken land, weeping? And do you want me to cast my beliefs to the winds? Well now, I might just give it a […]

Poem: I Am The Fire

I Am The Fire I am the fire, the glow in your eyes, an illusion of outlandish lust, a stranger before you with silken sighs, a whisper of flames as I’m tasting your trust. I am the fire that smoulders your heart, the nexus of all you desire, this hollow-toothed incubus cleaves you apart with […]