When Gods Awaken (Old Testament Genesis Parody Short Story)

The beginning is a good place to go wrong, some say, but there’s a certain deity who omnipotently disagrees. Forget all you thought you knew about the first moments of existence, and prepare to have your beliefs played with, tickled, spanked, stretched across spacetime and shattered into so many irrelevant motes of stardust. Travel back […]

Moses Garrett (Urban SF Short Story)

Moses Garrett Moses Garrett sat on a rusted pipe, watching the sun dip below the jagged horizon of the town’s rooftops. Off to the south, cylindrical monsters of glass and chrome loomed and tilted into the reddened sky, their shadows stretching before them like shackled dogs, lacking the will for a final pull to an […]

Poem: Second Sun

Second Sun The second sun sets late this night, descending now as the rays of the first stretching northward; like a drowning angel in moments gone, its sky-chasing sister is left weeping golden trickles as if reaching down too late, as always, in their eternal, sorrowful playground chase. I watched you both as you crossed […]

Searchlights Of Ethereal Airships

A spill of light trickles down through canopies of clouds, searching beams circle along sweeping shores, directed by the masters of heights long-forgotten by those who remained, abandoned, their feet in the sands of this unnamed world, left to rot in favour of distant suns promising a better future, a tomorrow of shining toys and […]